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7 Ways To Add Value To Your Customers

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Value Proposition

It’s November!  This means different things to different people.  It’s almost Christmas. It’s bonus month.  It’s time to start planning your holiday.  It’s also the month for #BlackFriday. I’m sure all of us thought about what we need and want to buy on Black Friday, but are your business ready for Black Friday?

Here are seven ways you can add value to your customers and attract new ones:

What is your value proposition?  You don’t have to think of something unique that nobody has thought of before to make you stand out from your competition.  You don’t need to innovate…you just have to add value.  The core of business is what your ideal customer will find valuable.

A good business solves problems for people.  What is simple problems in your niche that you can solve?  Remember that the main purpose of a Facebook page is not to only promote, but to educate.  Show people how you have solve other clients’ problems and how you can solve theirs.

Get results for your clients.  Take your knowledge and expertise to help your clients get the results they need.  Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways of marketing your business.  Impress the hell out of your customers and clients and they will promote your business for free.

Simplify the complex.  The problems people and business owners experience, are overwhelming and that creates an opportunity for you to address the problem and create value for your client.

Save your client time and hassle.  What can you do to add value to your client’s time and to minimise any hassles they might experience?  Remember people will pay you to make their lives easier and save them time to spend on more important things.  Think about how you can help them.

 Entertain your client.  Making people smile and laugh is valuable.  Music, books, videos add value and is entertaining.  There’s a reason why videos and “lives” are so popular on Facebook.  Grab this FREE opportunity to educate your customers and show your value in an entertaining way.

Motivate your client.  Motivational speakers deserve respect, but they say nothing new! Their value is making an audience believe they can make a change in their life.  You should motivate your clients to also take action, make a change or fresh start with YOUR help.  Time to bring out that Tony Robbins in yourself!

When you start your day, think only of how you can make your client feel important and special.  It is vital that they know that they are valuable to you and your business.  People will pay to feel special and part of something good.