We are an amazing team of individual minds from different backgrounds constantly learning and brainstorming to bring you the best advice and service to satisfy your specific needs.    

We are different from other digital marketing companies, because we don’t want to do all your marketing for you.  We want to teach you how content creation and content marketing works and how to do the basic stuff yourself so that you don’t need to pay an agency to run your Facebook or Instagram ads.  The idea is that you save on some of these expenses, do it in-house, and have more funds available for what is really important, like a fully automated lead generation campaign.

Futureproof your business.

We’ll digitise your marketing, create lead generation strategies and retain your industry stronghold.  If you have successfully thrived on pure great salesmanship in the past, that’s great!  However, more of your competitors are catching up through the use of digital marketing. If you’re not there yet, you’ll soon start to feel it.  Digitising your business isn’t a technical nightmare. IQ Digital will make your digital life easier and translate the online jargon  so it makes sense.  We’ll show you how technology can win you more sales leads & work to your advantage.

Our Work

Growth Strategies & Lead Generation


When we first meet a new client, their biggest pain point is usually the need for more leads. But more leads don’t necessarily translate into more sales. If your website isn’t converting, more leads won’t help. IQ Digital first assesses your current marketing and sales processes to establish where to start the process. A big factor is your website design, which in most cases, will probably need an overhaul. Initially we will invest the first few weeks making the necessary adjustments to your website, so when we start the lead generating processes, they’ll actually convert.

IQ Digital Services

Beautifully crafted websites & online shops.

Designing websites and online shops form the biggest part of our daily activities…but we love it!

We mainly work with WordPress & WooCommerce and stay on top of all the newest trends to impliment into our projects.

Our Services.

01 Websites
02 Strategy
03 Content
04 Training

Meet the Team

Inquisitive, talented,  problem solvers and dedicated to the pursuit of digital excellence

Web Design in Bloemofntein


Web Design | eCommerce | educator

Mariana specialises in web design, content creation, digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.
– B.COM HONS (Marketing)

Content Creator


Social Media

Carmen is the newest member of our team and assist with content creation and managing our client’s social media accounts.

IQ Digital Funnels


Funnel Expert

Pieter is our external consultant that works mostly with foreign clients and is an absolute master in funnel designing and an expert with Click Funnels.

Let's build something great together!

IQ Digital Services