What Makes Us Different

We are an amazing team of individual minds from different backgrounds constantly learning and brainstorming to bring you the best advice and service to satisfy your specific needs.    

We are different from other digital marketing companies, because we don’t want to do all your marketing for you.  We want to teach you how content creation and content marketing works and how to do the basic stuff yourself so that you don’t need to pay an agency to run your Facebook or Instagram ads.  The idea is that you save on some of these expenses, do it in-house, and have more funds available for what is really important, like a fully automated lead generation campaign.

The IQ Team

Inquisitive, talented,  problem solvers and dedicated to the pursuit of digital excellence.


Mariana at IQ Digital
Corlia at IQ Digital


Marketing Manager

Mariana specialises in web design, content creation, digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.
– B.COM HONS (Marketing)


Social Media

Jeanelle is the youngest of the team and is our FB & IG content creator.


Sales Funnels

Pieter is also an external consultant that works mostly with foreign clients and is an absolute master in funnel designing and an expert with Click Funnels.



Corlia is our virtual assistant and also assist us with website designs.

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