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FB Ads for Service Businesses

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Facebook Ads for Service Business

Ever heard: “I don’t sell products so I can’t advertise on Facebook”.  WRONG! Our highest ROI campaigns are always for service businesses.

As a service provider you can crush it with Facebook ads and here are 7 tips how:

With a service business, you are most probably offering your services locally and not nationally or internationally.  Your competition is therefore far less because you would usually advertise locally.  Your competitors in your area are also limited and most probably not advertising on Facebook.

Don’t over complicate your FB advertising.  To get your lead, give something like a free quote, a free consultation or free audit.  If you have a sales funnel, we suggest you keep it up to three steps at most.

Don’t advertise your services directly and expect an immediate sale if your service is on the more expensive side.  Something must happen between your potential new customer seeing your FB ad and converting them into a new client. You must build a relationship with the client first and show them that you are an expert in your field.  If your service cost below R1000.00, you can push a direct sale.

Demonstrate your work in the FB ad itself. It is important to advertise what your work looks like, eg. revamped kitchen, photographic portfolio, testimonials etc.

Get a brand ambassador or someone from your company to be the face of your business to build a relationship with your audience.  A face puts a human element to your business. The thing potential customers will wonder about most, is if you can do a good job.  So you have to proof to them, in your ad or sales funnel, that you CAN do a good job.

Another thing you have to do in your advertising, whether you are advertising locally or nationally, is to protect your brand.  Demonstrate the values of your brand and protect your brand’s standpoint.  Refrain from using sleazy tactics and fake testimonials to hide behind volume.  People want to work with businesses with integrity, who do what they say and follow through, that do a good job and give attention to detail.  Don’t advertise things that misrepresent your brand – always protect your brand!

When you setup your Ad Set and you are advertising locally, don’t narrow your audience too much.  When your potential reach is below 250 000, stay with open targeting with no interest based targeting.   If your potential reach is more than that, you can start tweaking on age if you know your client’s are mostly above the age of 25.  Don’t narrow your audience down too much, as FB is smart enough to figure out who is most likely to click on your ad.   So give FB the room to do what they do best.

Last but not least, set a lead time for your FB ads.  Don’t just run it for 3 days.  Facebook needs at least 7 days to start working.  Advertise consistently and over a longer period of time, preferably for 6 months.

Besides running FB ads, always remember that content creation on social media and getting your business onto local registries are equally important in advertising your business locally.